Online shopping with discount?

There are many was of discount on internet, like couponcodes. One of the most popular ways is to get a cash back.

What is cash back discount?

Many orders that you do at a webshop, can you do via a cashbacksite.
You click on a special link on the cashbacksite and you do your shopping. The shop pays a provision about your purchase to the casbhacksite of for example £ 25. They pay you £ 20, this amount will be added to you account on the cashbacksite. From a specific treshold, you can transfer this money to your bank account or PayPal.

What should I do to get cash back?

  1. Search the shop where you want to buy something, for example P&O Ferries
  2. Find out which cashbacksite has the highest cashback and the best conditions, for example TopCashback. Click on the link 'Visit TopCashback'.
  3. Create an account at TopCashback and find Wehkamp and follow the instructions
  4. Do your shopping at P&O Ferries
  5. Mostly within 48 hours, the cashback will be added to your account at TopCashback. After some time (weeks / months), you can transfer this amount to your bank account (BACS) or PayPal.

What does cashbacksaustralia.com?

There are many different cashbacksites, and they all have different discounts and conditions. Cashbacksaustralia.com compares cashbacksites so that for each shop you can see where you can get the highest cash back. You also have a quick overview in the different conditions of cashbacksite, for example the minimum payment treshold.

Also read the frequently asked questions or search the shop of your planned purchaes for the highest cash back discount.